Natural Health Products

The popularity of natural health products available that contribute to overall wellness continues to grow. More than 150 million Americans now use natural health products to treat medical conditions and promote general health. One of the reasons for the popularity of natural treatments is the growing evidence which supports the effectiveness of herbal treatments for many medical conditions. In fact, many medical doctors, who have traditionally disputed the benefits of natural health products, now endorse many of the products available.

Natural health products are often less expensive, have a lower incidence of side effects, and are much easier to obtain than prescription drugs. Natural health products treat everything from arthritis and acne to constipation, depression, migraines and sexual dysfunction. Two of the most popular issues that natural health products address are aging and weight loss and with the introduction of natural health products in combination with diet and lifestyle changes, people now have the ability to slow the signs and effects of aging.

DHEA, testosterone and progesterone are some of the common ingredients in supplements that counteract the signs of aging. These ingredients are believed to increase immune function, contribute to emotional well-being, enhance mental acuity and improve physical energy levels as well as endurance.

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